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A wise man once bellowed loud – “There is no business like the food business”. Sounds so convincing right? And also sounds like a cake-walk business model
to make good money while you enjoy the delicacies?Now let’s just step aside andtake a peep into the real game of food and events business. As it may look tempting
to have a catering and event management business under your hat, it is actually a mind-crunching, muscle-wrenching and a bone-breaking exercise you are signing up
for! Hey don’t stop reading yet, since if done well and in an organized way – it definitely would bear great results “gradually”. My wife Mony is an event management
veteran who is living her passion in managing events for over 13 years! With a multi-faceted experience of organizing, executing and making events a success
across 3 continents, she has evolved as a professional who is capable of running her own show. We started our events venture Mony’s Kitchen with the tagline “Events with Taste” in the year 2017 with the intent to follow the “hyper-local” approach and win appreciation from clients around Greater Noida and Noida and then evolve as a
national player, followed by becoming a global player in the coming years! The road so far has been both extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. In the last 2 years we have had the privilege to start from small 30 people house-parties and gradually grow up to managing 3,000 plus people not only serving food but also decorating themes for birthdays, weddings, engagement, carnivals, festive gatherings,doing it with their own hands.The nature of work may call upon you to be doing anything at all when the need arises – for example picking up soiled cutlery, cleaning tables, picking up gas cylinders on your shoulders and also going in the “not so cool” markets to pick up the requisites for an event.

Coming back to how we built it from a scratch, and among the first few things did was to find a very neat and clean rental space for setting up our kitchen that had ample supply of water and electricity and most importantly had natural light. The next task was to find the right team of chefs who would cook helpers who would cut, chop, etc. and the cleaning staff who would ensure absolute hygiene incessantly. After figuring out this, the most important aspects to consider were what events do we cater to? So naturally since we were building a company that delivers seamless events and retirement parties and so on.The good part of our journey has been the fact that we were ready to roll up our sleeves and work for the success of the events and not create a wall called “Who does what?” It is imperative to consider the fact that startup food venture owners DO NOT have the luxury of just getting work done and not manages all miniscule details like catering, decoration, music/DJ, themes,

etc. we wanted to make sure we had the right set of partners and vendors in place. Having established that, we were in the 3rd month doing approximately 10 parties a month that were mostly birthdays, house-warming, small gatherings of 30-50 people. By the 6th month we had graduated to a level wherein people had developed confidence on Mony’s Kitchen for organizing their engagement, wedding, birthday parties where the headcount would be 100 and above.

I would the next 6 months as our toughest testing times since although we were winning great appreciation but there were stinging challenges with workforce, decorative inventory, food quality expectations, transport, etc. Then there is competition who would offer do the same task at half the cost and lure away prospect customers from us, which slowly had a boomerang effect when our clientele realized that they were being fooled by such competitors just on the cost ease and actually being given terrible quality and service.
The journey in the last one year has been very rewarding for Mony’s Kitchen since not only we have catered to personal events but also have organized
carnivals at schools, corporate meetings, society festive gatherings where we have served food, theme decorated, managed the music and made sure people
enjoy safely. The size of such gatherings has been upto 3,200 people in the largest New Year celebration event we managed last year in our own society. To
sum it up, it takes a lot of planning, hard task work, impeccable time-management and the courage to acknowledge constructive criticism just the way you
embrace appreciation! Last but not the least, the fun part was that we did not spend even a single penny on any advertising medium of any format till date and want to keep it organic as much as we can, since in the game of food business – the “Word of Mouth” is the undisputed King. You may feel the discomfort of growing slow once in
a while but have patience and save your marketing money to shift to the next level or for a new launch of services. The target is to market your business to
an audience that already knows you for your good work, ethics and things that you do differently. Then an exponential growth is inevitable!
Samir Tiwari
Co-Founder – Mony’s Kitchen.


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