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The moment you utter the word wedding in India, our minds start knitting images and glimpses of larger than life stages,
electrifying decoration, gorgeous men and women draped in sherwanis and sarees, music, dance, and the seamlessly tempting aroma of dishes getting cooking in mammoth vessels! Right? Given my hands on juggle with “travel for work and rejuvenation” across the country, I have been fortunate to experience various cultures and more specifically weddings around different parts of India. Being born in the eastern coastline of the country gave me an easy access to typical Odishi, Bengali and Assamese weddings that are known for their distinct love for music, dance, art and off course some enthralling coastal cuisine. The travel across the
western coastline took me experience the fun-loving Goan, Maharashtrian and the colorful Gujarati weddings where I found that energy flowed in not just from within the wedding-home but from relatives living largely outside India and who would wait for years to come back and experience their own culture and also revive the fading memories of the past with their folks. The weddings that I attended down south, more specifically in Kerala – very evidently suggested

that your prosperity is a reflection of the community you live in and what you are able to give back with absolute humbleness, while still having a lot of
fun together! Last but not the least, being from the northern side and now living here for more than a decade and having attended hundreds of weddings
here, have showcased to me the rich culture, love for life and the intent to celebrate each moment to the zenith across Punjab, UP, Bihar, Haryana and
the Himalayan states. Now let me bring out what I noticed was common in all of these weddings across our amazingly diverse and yet united country for what I could register well from the 1980s till the 2010 that I would call the Version 1.0 Weddings and what it transformed to from approximately in the last ten years
until this year 2019, that I would name Version 2.0 Weddings. What was similar in the Version 1.0 was the money that was spend in inviting and entertaining a much larger audience in scale of thousands where the 3rd relation uncles and aunts and their children were a mandate invite. Also the pie spent on the apparel,
decoration, gifting and procurement of jewelry was humungous which was followed by a short honeymooning trip for the couple. What seems to have
drastically transformed in the Version

2.0 is slimming down of the headcount from thousands to just a few hundreds where only the very the 1st level relatives and friends would be invited.
Also the trend seems to have taken a 180 degrees turn, where the entire wedding events have actually started to look like a honeymoon not just for the
couple but for everyone involved with the advent of destination wedding and theme weddings where people love to spend more on traveling together
and experiencing a different fashion of getting married! I am sure you must have had your own experience with weddings but I would conclude by saying that as being
Indians, be it version 1.0 or 2.0 or any other – what we know for sure is that weddings are and will always be the most fun-filled, social and captivating
events of our lives. So go ahead and let your hair down and eat your tummy full as we welcome the 2019-20 wedding season!

Samir Tiwari
Co-Founder, Mony’s Kitchen.

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