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As we look back in the retrospect, we glance 4 successful years from having flagged off Nimantran Events in Greater Noida. Ever since, the journey has been a phenomenal trajectory of celebrations, success stories and even struggling moments that aspired us to dream bigger and serve our clients in a way, none other event management company in Greater Noida can. What we have arrived at realizing in this journey is that event management is not merely putting together food, logistics, music and decoration – but it is about the art of personalizing events with the commitment of ensuring we serve our clients the same way we want to be served.

The art of personalizing events does not surface that easily. It is a conscious choice a party planner has to make that in no case the granular details of the expectations of the clients are overlooked. Attaining the tag of top Event Management Company in Greater Noida did not come to Nimantran Events just because we serve top notch quality food and services but majorly since we never missed the attention to detail and personalization while planning events. As a rule of thumb, as soon as we are entrusted the task of party planning – the first aspect that comes into our perspective is what would make our clients find value in what they have spent for. Impeccable food, hygiene, aesthetic decoration and tailor made music for the event are our top priorities.

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The approach to plan a farmhouse party or a banquet party is largely different from how we plan house warming party, retirement party, get together party or a farewell party. The size of the gathering, food and music preferences of the clients have to be pre-determined and tailor made. For example you have to careful with your DJ not playing a hip hop number at a Griha Pravesh party!

Learning will be a continuous process and we would love to be at the receiving end. With that said, the team at Nimantran Events aim to ensure that we continue to feature as the top Event Management Agency in Greater Noida and consistently not just match but exceed the expectations of our esteemed patrons!


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