Top Caterers in Greater Noida

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As Noida and Greater Noida move towards a fast paced development, the count of families moving in from all around NCR has been on the sharp rise. The newbies who have just started settling in this vicinity have propelled the requirement for catering services to a new stature. It begins with the inevitable auspicious gathering of Griha Pravesh after residents settle in their new homes and then followed by the various celebrations like birthday parties, home parties, banquet parties etc. What has been on demand is finding a professional team who are able to meet the need of catering services in Noida and this precisely where Nimantran Events have established themselves as a trusted caterer.

Our state of the art kitchen combined with our experienced chefs ensure that we just don’t stick to the repetitive pattern of catering but move towards innovating new dishes in starters, main course, beverages or desserts. Street Food and Regional Food and is something we have strongly recommended to our clients and have come out victorious in being able to show a new form of Catering Services in Greater Noida. In one of my article on the Federation of All India Caterers magazine last year I had amenably expressed my love for “Nukkad Food” and took our readers to the memory lane of having relished the street food from various states and cities of India.

Catering Services in Greater Noida

We realize that convincing a client to try something outrageously different from our catering services is really an uphill task, but if you have given them a chance to taste it and have well understood the likes and dislikes of their guests – you have won the crown of being among the top caterers. Not only innovation in catering but consistency in being able to provide the same taste to your guests is very important since once they have liked what you served, a benchmark is set and they will be expecting the same or something better the next time. To sum it up, we are fortunate to be recognized amount the top caterers in Greater Noida, however the journey will never be short of new and exciting learnings!


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